About Recycling Is Real

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), on behalf of the entire plastics industry supply chain, is committed to sustainability and ensuring plastic material remains in our circular economy and out of the environment. Recycling is an integral part of achieving this goal.

Recently, recycling has come under attack by those who wish to reduce or eliminate the production of plastic altogether. They say things like “plastic recycling is a myth,” they block compromise legislation, and they even tell people not to bother recycling. That is not environmentalism, and it’s why the industry launched Recycling is Real.

Recycling is Real has created content to reinforce confidence in recycling and its critical role in the circular economy. Through videos and illustrative examples, the Recycling is Real campaign was developed to show how recycling happens, where it happens and introduce the people who make it happen. Recycling is Real will continue to feature recycling videos and information on a regular basis.