PolyQuest is committed to recycling in both post-consumer and post-industrial streams. As a steward of the environment and responsible business practices, PolyQuest is a proud recycler of plastic products. Recycling is an integral part of service and product offerings at PolyQuest, and they support the environment by keeping plastic bottles and plastic waste out of the landfill, reducing carbon footprints, and fueling the circular economy. Polyquest has the ability to grind and wash, recycle different bottle types, recycle bottle caps, and more, using all to make recycled materials.

PQ Recycling is part of the PolyQuest family of companies, solely focused on the recycling process to support PolyQuest and PQRenew™ products. Based in Farmingdale, New York, this recycling plant is one of only two in New York state that purchases redemption-deposit plastic bottles. This plant uses trusted machines and technology to transform the recycled bottles into various forms that are then re-used to manufacture bottles, containers used for food packaging, fiber, and more.