A major developer and champion of advanced recycling, ExxonMobil recycled 40 million pounds of plastic waste with its Exxtend™ technology through October of 2023.

The company plans to have advanced recycling capacity of 1 billion pounds by 2026.


Working with partners in a consortium model, Cyclyx sources, collects and pre-processes large volumes of waste plastic based on exact technical specifications. Their 10 to 90® program seeks to move the international plastic recycling rate from 10% to 90%.


TenCate is a global group of market-leading companies pushing boundaries to create the most innovative, highest quality synthetic grass surfaces for sports and landscaping.

Since beginning their recycling efforts in 2019, TenCate has recycled nearly 25 million square feet of turf.

TenCate wants their products and materials to be repeatedly used and never go to waste, to contribute to a society where everybody can play sports & games and have fun, regardless of climate, and to minimize the impact on the planet when it comes to production processes.