Recycling is Real…in Atlanta, GA


Printpack is an industry leader in flexible and specialty rigid packaging. They’re also leading the way in the use of advanced recycling technology as part of the effort to create a circular economy.

From using recycled materials like those produced at Nexus Circular to innovating new, circular packaging, the people of Printpack are passionate about recycling.

“There is now technology that can take flexible food packaging back, turn it into high-quality pyrolysis oil that can be made into virgin `quality plastic resin, and made right back into food packaging,” said Thomas Seidel, Director of Sustainability and Market Development.

Michael Gilbert, Director of Product Development, echoed Seidel’s sentiments adding that it’s fascinating “to have seen the future of recycling in that space. Watching material go from a package back into its constituent molecules, ready to reenter the stream as a virgin polymer.”

Partnering with advanced recyclers also builds on Printpack’s already positive effect on people and the environment. “We make packaging mainly for food products – It reduces food waste, it helps us distribute food nationally, it helps make food affordable, and it helps enrich people’s lives,” Seidel explained,


Ignoring myths about recycling and getting things done

With all the sustainability efforts going on within their organization, claims that plastic recycling is a myth make no sense to the people of Printpack.

“If someone told me recycling wasn’t real,” shared Madison Keller, Senior Product Development Engineer Keller, “I would invite them to come spend a day with me and have conversations with the folks in our plants and my customers.”

“Recycling is absolutely important,” continued Keller, “It’s a part of my day-to-day role here at Printpack. It’s also a huge part of our manufacturing plants. They’re recycling as they’re creating material.”

Seidel summed up everything happening at Printpack saying, “Sustainability is the most exciting area to work in because everything is changing. It’s a challenge, but it’s also a huge opportunity for us to really take packaging to the next level,” adding, “Recycling is Real.”